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Total Waste Management
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Pipe Inspection and Analysis
Through active engagement of the Governments’ goal of “zero waste to landfill”, Wasteman has developed a number of treatment processes whereby disposal of waste to landfill or incineration is undertaken only as a last resort.

Through a range of mechanical or biological processes, certain of the waste streams are able to be used as a resource instead of being disposed at landfill, thereby helping to control costs and improve environmental compliance.

Our treatment solutions include the use of Composting, Land farming, Recycling, Incineration and Landfill facilities.

  • Recycling
    Wasteman has extensive experience and expertise in the provision of waste management systems that incorporate the recovery and recycling of suitable materials. The procedures, controls and reporting systems are adapted to the clients specific needs across the business sectors which include Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Specialist Facilities and Events.

    The adopted system can vary from an on-site service where a full sorting of recyclate is achieved, to the segregation and streaming of potential recyclate with the removal of the “dry”mixed recyclate to a mechanized Material Recovery Facility where sorting will be carried out.

    Before materials are placed on a landfill we sort and separate different waste streams to maximise recycling of various metal, paper and plastic products. We own and operate regional Material Recycling Facilities in line with Governments long term vision of zero waste to landfill.

  • Composting
    We separate greens from the waste stream to provide organic material is used in a composting process in order to manufacture materials for soil conditioning and fertilisers.

  • Land farming
    Dewatered sewage sludge is used on approved agricultural land as a nutrient source and soil conditioner.

  • Clean Energy
    Wasteman has recently entered this new exciting area. We are investigating innovative ways to generate energy from various waste streams. The benefits of these technologies are enormous given the reduction in carbon emissions and landfill use.

  • Landfills
    We currently own two and manage a number of landfill sites across South Africa. The Vissershok landfill is the largest privately-owned site in the Western Cape and has an H:H rating. The Bulbul site in Kwa Zulu Natal has a H:h rating and we are currently concluding the development of a clean energy project at Bulbul. Our rigorous procedures and continuous inspections, together with specialised engineering skills, make us unique in landfill management. Our efficient solutions provide for excellent site selection, design and construction, operation and monitoring, as well as closure and rehabilitation.

  • Healthcare Waste Management
    We own and operate a state-of-the-art healthcare risk waste incinerator facility in the North West Province where all incoming wastes are documented over a weigh-bridge and specific waste streams are stored under refrigerated conditions pending treatment.

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