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Total Waste Management
Collection and Removal
Specialised Cleaning
Emergency Spill Response
Pipe Inspection and Analysis
Wasteman Spill Response Team

As a division of Wasteman Holdings, we specialise in the following services;
  • Pollution rehabilitation and clean-up
  • Accredited training on all Spill response, First Aid Training, Hazmat training, SHE inspection, Basic fire fighting and many other accredited training
  • Spill kits and absorbent supply materials
  • Fire decontamination and clean-up
  • Petrochemical liquids pumping and Upliftment
  • Specialised industrial cleaning
  • Asbestos abatement and disposal
  • Hazardous waste cleaning
  • Spill response services & equipment
  • Laboratory chemical repacking and disposal
Spill Response

We offer specialised services and equipment for containment and clean-up of chemical and oil spillage incidents. Spillages of hazardous nature, as well as non-hazardous nature are managed, Including liquid recovery, waste minimisation, final clean up and waste disposal. All personnel are skilled and equipped to manage the risks involved.

Confined Space Entry – Inert Entry – Catalyst Handling

Catalyst handling is a highly specialised area of activity and is used widely throughout refineries and chemical industries. Catalyst matter must be safely and efficiently removed and re-loaded in which expensive downtime is to be minimised. As a specialized contractor in this market we strive to provide high quality and innovative services.


Asbestos has high risk factors of which inhalation of fine airborne asbestos dust is the main concern. To prevent this exposure, we offer comprehensive services to assess asbestos risks, contain and minimise risks, as well as total removal and disposal of the asbestos materials. Replacement materials are also offered where required. All Legal requirements are adhered to including notification to the Department of Labour as well as air monitoring and reporting.


Our philosophy is that most incidents are preventable and that the target should be zero. However human error is a major contributing factor in many incidents. These accidents can only be eliminated and the effects thereof be reduced by safety awareness and training on how to deal with an emergency should one occur. At Wasteman Spill Response Team, trainees are given the training to identify hazards, how to minimise risk, how to tackle fire, how to rescue colleagues might it be rope, vehicle or confined space and how to treat the injured.

Courses Offered - Fire, Hazmat and equipment related:


Basic Hazmat Training

1st Aid Level 1

SHE Inspection

1st Aid level 2

Incident Investigation

1st Aid level 1 & 2

Hazmat Awareness

1st Aid Level 3

Hazmat Operational

Basic Fire Fighting

Incident Commander

Safety Rep

Basic SCBA


Evacuation Officer

SHE Supervisor

ERG Course

HIV Awareness

Site Specific Fire Fighting

Gras & wild land fire fighting

Legal liability

Scaffold Erector

Scaffold Inspector

Rope Technician 1

Rope Technician 2

Asbestos Training


SHEQ items

At Wasteman SRT, we base our code of ethics on the SHEQ principles and communicate them to all employees. We regard good SHEQ practices as an integral part of being a successful business; it is of great importance to us that we care for the safety, health and well-being of all our stakeholders affected by our activities, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment and ensure quality for our customers by ensuring the following:
  • Risk Assessments - at the start of a project and continuous assessment during a project.
  • Transportation of Hazardous Goods Audit - route planning, roadworthiness, driver competency, placarding, safety equipment, emergency response planning etc.
  • Regular on-site inspections.
  • Ensuring that safety is at the fore-front of each project.
  • Liaising with government authorities on all SHEQ and regulatory matters for each project.
  • Safety files - compiled as per project requirements.
  • Ensuring that all project team work instructions, inductions, medicals, pep’s and specialised equipment are maintained at the highest standard.
  • Conducting regular internal and external audits.
  • Management of sub-contractors.
  • Zero tolerance to non compliance of SHEQ principles.

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