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Sectors We Cover We work closely with every valued customer partner in the responsible management and development of innovative waste solutions.

Wasteman has tailor-made a range of services for some of the Sub Saharan African region’s largest industrial sectors. We work closely with our customers to develop innovative solutions to solve their pressing waste issues. We provide bespoke professional services to some of the largest companies in the region and maintain an optimal level of environmental compliance whilst adhering rigidly to globally accepted standards. Our expertise covers a wide range of industrial sectors in which we have a detailed understanding of and a bouquet of specific tailored solutions:

Energy and Power We have developed an extensive range of services and experience to deal with the complex needs of the operators of Power Stations as well as Oil and Gas installations, which include the cleaning of boilers, bunkers, pipelines and ash management.

Wasteman has developed a range of products and services using specialised equipment to specifically manage the cleaning and waste generated at Oil and Gas refineries. Our dedicated team of professionals and high trained staff are also able to expedite all the client’s cleaning needs during shutdowns to ensure a short down time and enable our client to recommence production with the minimum of lass of production. We are also able to offer soil and site remediation and rehabilitation services.

Water and Sanitation Wasteman has a suite of services to solve water and sanitation issues. We currently serve large municipalities as well as corporate customers with a range of services including pipe inspection, cleaning and remediation.

Retail and Hospitality Wasteman offers a total facilities management solution to a number of retail and hospitality sites. We focus on recycling as well as reducing waste streams.

Mining We have developed a range of comprehensive and specific solutions for the mining industry including the collection and removal of various waste streams, recycling and recovery of materials such as iron and steel, plastics and other salvageable goods including piping and cable and full soil and site rehabilitation as well as environmentally safe disposal and destruction of hazardous materials.

Healthcare Our licensed incineration facility is situated in Klerksdorp, where the incineration of healthcare risk waste takes place under strict permitting conditions, and which is subjected to a continuous monitoring and maintenance programme. During the incineration process medical waste is destroyed and a mass reduction of approximately 90% to 95% is achieved.

Automotive Wasteman Automotive specialises in on-site Total Waste Management, Industrial cleaning and Specialised Industrial cleaning. In terms of on-site total waste management, we are able to ensure minimal staff are required and provide detailed training on key associated functions. Our quality systems and standard operating procedures ensure our segregation techniques are effective and maintained at all times, thus reducing waste to landfill. With a national network of recyclers and end users of recyclable materials, we can take comfort that your recyclable commodities are handled in an acceptable, safety, health and environmentally ethically manner as well and generate the best revenue possible.

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